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Morning Fix Lives! (sort of)

So Mark Morford’s semi-daily newsletter The Morning Fix is only partly dead, and might return soon. Articles here, here, and here outline what happened; some uptight weenie with a misguided sense of humor and no clue as to what real journalism (well, freedom of speech at least) is about decided to try and shut the Fix down. It sounds like they’ll be back, though, and Morford might even get a print column out of it. YAY.

I hate when humorless people try to get stuff like this shut down. Is someone taping your eyelids open and forcing you to read it? No? Then sit down and shut up. Thank you. Drive through.

remodeling hell #1.1

The back bedroom, which was to be a fairly simple repaint and refloor and done, has turned into a bit of a behemoth.

First, we started experimenting with how to repair the scrape marks on the ceiling from the asbestos abatement. Not a big deal, just plaster over it with drywall compound. This turned out to be easy enough; the only issue is that it leaves big knife textures that even sanding doesn’t really get rid of. So we decide to texture it. Again not a big deal; I found some nice how-tos that show you how to make a decent knockdown and/or orangepeel texture using a paint roller, a paint pan full of runny drywall compound, and (30-60 minutes later as the stuff hardens) a drywall knife.
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remodeling hell #1.0

So, here’s the next entry in my life of remodeling hell. I have good news, and I have bad news.

The good news is that the roof remodel finished, earlier than expected, and it looks wonderful. The roofers found lots of damaged wood, probably mostly from age, and replaced it all. They fixed the issue which caused the main roof leak initially, added a ridge vent along one portion to fix another issue, and replaced the skylights. All was a professional, wonderful job, and cost a grand total of about $15,000. (Since nobody else seems to say how much a new roof will cost, I will.)

The bad news is that I peeled away some drywall behind where we found another leak in the roof (prior to the new roof being installed) and discovered…more mold! Ugh. This is in a really inconvenient place, of course; in a wall between two rooms, one of which has the asbestos popcorn crap on the ceiling, so we’re going to have to completely empty that room as well.

See the next entry for the trials and tribulations of the back bedroom that only had asbestos on the ceiling and floor, but it looks like we won’t be able to finish the abatement work on the original mold issue (and get the rest of the mold abated as well) until we finish and can move into the back bedroom.


remodeling hell #0.5

Since I seem to have diarrhea of the mouth tonight, perhaps this would be a good time to start my idea of having a blog of sorts involving the house remodel upon which we’ve embarked, semi-willingly.

This post will be the back-story.

Years ago, we purchased the house. We only had it a couple of years when we were beset upon by an army of ninjas. (Wait, wrong back story.)

We only had it a couple of years when our first roommate moved out. We decided this would be a perfect opportunity to remodel the empty bedroom. We had picked out paint colors and a lovely bamboo flooring. We’d ripped out the carpet when we discovered that remodeling is never as simple as it appears on This Old House.
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Our dog is a freak

So, this is our dog:

Our dog is, in the most loving and caring way possible, a freak.

This dog has the most uncanny ability to zero in on anything that might possibly be (or have once been) food, find it, tear it apart, and try to eat it.

She has found such things as yogurt pretzels, peanut butter filled pretzels, leftover bread, bird seed & pellets, and other odd things that I can’t remember right now, taken them down from many places in the kitchen and house, and snacked upon them. Our ‘no food below this level’ line has been rising, and unfortunately it’s now higher than most countertops in the house.

The dog’s most recent gastronomical exploit was this weekend, when she found a quarter of a cheese pizza that was closed up in its box on the stove. She managed to pull down the entire box, flip it upside down, and devour the contents. We found the little white plastic thing that gets put in the center of pizzas to hold the lid up at the other end of the house, licked clean.

This was after she was kept awake all night by a slumber party of sugar-enhanced 10 year olds held at our house (reasoning: well, the house is torn up anyway, they can’t do much more to it); perhaps this was her hangover cure. “Ow my head. Pizza? OK!”

She’s a good dog. But a freak. (And she’s going to have to stay inside while the roofers do their thing all week. Eeeee….)

frazzled by a roof?

So as part of a whole chain of events, involving remodeling and a roof leak, among other may-you-live-in-interesting-times life occurrences, we’re getting a new roof on the house. Which for the most part is a good thing.

However, I come home today to find a couple of messages on the machine. They’re both from the roofer, saying “Hey, we’re going to come out tomorrow to start the tear-off. Is that OK?”

Well yes, but the lack of actual notice (I didn’t have any dates other than
“when we get all the materials in” for when things would start) kind of throws
a crimp in things, if only because I have to clear out the yard, make sure the inside is dog-safe, and make sure there’s power and sodas/water available for the roofers. Then I have to request a couple of days off work (or to work from home) to watch the birds in case they have any reactions to the odors from whatever sealants and such they’re going to use.

I’m good with it for the most part. I think it was just the sudden transition from waiting to MOVING that made me frazzled.

But I think everything’s OK now. I will be happy when it’s done, and it will be
a nice, professionally done roof. Yay.

a post, a post, my noodle for a post

Bad butchery of Shakespeare. But, I’ve been threatened with bodily violence if I don’t post again soon, so here we go.

Not much to say, really, other than me being annoyed in general with politicians as usual. I suppose I can deliver my hopes for 2004 (since of course nobody else has posted anything remotely similar yet).

  • Tom Daschle, Nancy Pelosi, and other congressional democrats grow some balls and start actually derailing stupid Republican legislation, rather than trying to claim victory because one part of what actually passed wasn’t quite as much of a right-wing giveaway as when the bill started out,
  • The democratic presidential candidates who aren’t Howard Dean realize that by attacking Dean they’re undermining the democratic party in general and helping Bush,
  • that the news media will stop giving Bush such a free ride and start paying more attention to issues that are far worse than getting sexual gratification in the White House,
  • the American People will wake up to the fact that the Republican Party and Bush do not, in fact, have their best interests at heart, and will vote the bastards out come fall 2004,
  • and that I’ll post more on my blog.

(I’m not too bitter, am I?)

Anyhow, hopefully more intelligent and supported and less ranty stuff in future, and not too long from now.

Right wing contradictions..

I’ve been a bit busy with work and such to write, unfortunately — I’m about two posts behind my goal of two posts a week. I want to write something about having a Governator, but that will come soon enough.

For now, have a listen to the October 8th show of Fresh Air on NPR. Host Terry Gross interviews Bill O’Reilly of the Fox News Channel, and O’Reilly loses it near the end. It’s 40 minutes long, but worth it. (Their server seems to be a bit slashdotted now, unfortunately — apparently people have discovered the interview. }:>)

It’s interesting how O’Reilly seems to be finding his style in other people, but outright refuses to see his style in himself. I also find it amusing that he seems to be blustering his way through justifications when people point out his inconsistencies. Bravo to Gross for confronting O’Reilly as hard as Al Franken does.

(Something I forgot to mention when I originally posted this, I got the pointer at the Fresh Aire interview from Joe Conason’s Journal on Salon. Thank $deity for editable weblog posts. }:>)

Outrageous hypocrisy

So I was driving to work listening to Morning Edition on NPR yesterday (or, now, the day before), and on came a story about homeless veterans. This story touched my outrage button.

Before I begin, let me lay out my philosophy towards the military. I have the utmost respect for the individual men and women of the armed forces. They do a job that I most likely could not handle emotionally, and they do it well.
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