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link dump

Today I made pound cake for the second time, from a bundt recipe. It’s apparently Elvis’s favorite pound cake — and it is quite good, but without a bundt or tube pan, I’m having trouble getting the outer portion done at the same time as the inner portion.

Having said that, it’s quite light and fluffy, and goes very well with Devonshire or Yuzu creams (or both!)

Today in the weird world:

I think it might be time to stop now. More tomorrow!

desserts and link dump

I missed a post yesterday, but I have an excuse — I was pooped. I went to a class at Extraordinary Desserts, and learned how to make a few of the things they serve there. It was lots of fun, and tonight I tried a couple of the recipes. They’re all about combining building blocks in interesting and fun ways, so two of the blocks I tried tonight were yuzu curd (like lemon curd, but with yuzu juice, so it’s got a hint of saltiness from the yuzu) and mock devonshire cream. I also tried a pound cake recipe I found, but I now understand why bundt recipes are different from not-bundt recipes. It might have turned out OK though — I’m going to bring them to work tomorrow and see how they match up with stuff.

Anyway, here are things I found:

More tomorrow!

link dump

Today at work I moved things and got OmniFocus running again, and dumped my current work life into it.

In terms of amusing and interesting things, I’ve found:

  • Although it’s in the Daily Mail, the Fox News equivalent in newspaper form in Britain, video and pictures of a falconer and white-tailed sea eagle who likes playing with a tennis ball.
  • An amusingly 70s IBM slideshow (which was probably presented on actual slides!) advertising The future is on-line!
  • This, about a doctor who built a kidney dialysis machine to serve a small child when the existing ones were too big to function properly, is really cool.
  • I am amused by this e-card site, but cannot think of anyone I might send them to.

That’s it for now. More later!

weekend and link dump

This weekend was decent. We saw Eddie Izzard last night; he looked up and read from the Chicken entry on Wikipedia with his iPhone, and if I’d been quick at all on both the wit and phone browser, it would’ve been amusing to add something goofy for him to read out. Although according to the revision history for that page, it looks like standard procedure is to replace references to “cock” with “penis”. How droll. Other than that, the new Eddie buzzwords are: Jazz chickens, don’t piss in a toaster, and Asus, Bsus, Csus, etc. etc. Good stuff.

I got my first real hat that wasn’t a freebie — a Henschel Safari, which sort of looks like a fedora, kind of, and works amazingly well at keeping the sun out. I’m told I look good in it. So now I too have a nice hat!

So, the links. Only three tonight; The internet is still lax in performing its duty of entertaining me.

The latest podcast episodes of Wait Wait, Don’t Tell me(the NPR news quiz show) and This American Life are up now. Go listen!

link dump

It’s been a bit of a slow link week. But here’re a few decent ones. (I demand that the Internet spend more time entertaining me with pictures of kitties and amusing new juxtapositions of two previously unrelated concepts!)

Today’s podcast is BBC Radio Four’s Friday Night Comedy — the Now Show, a comedic look at the week’s news, sort of like Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me‘s panel banter in a full half-hour show.


link dump

Here’re found things from today.

Also, podcasts! This week’s episode of Dr. Karl’s Science Phone-In is up. Dr. Karl is sort of like an Australian Mr. Wizard or Bill Nye, who answers random science questions on a 2AM-4AM (British time) phone-in show for the BBC. The podcast comes out every Thursday, and it makes for great car listening.

This week, the “pepper” taste of certain red wines, and asparagus and its effect on urine. Boring, it ain’t.

link dump

One more thing I’d like to do is share more of the random strange links I find. So here’s the first.

I went to comic-con and saw a couple of my current favorite comic people, Phil and Kaja Foglio. They run Studio Foglio, which produces Girl Genius, a steampunky comic with great humor and a decent plot. I missed seeing these two characters, but they did a really good job dressing up like J├Ągers from the comic. Nice hats!

Link dump..shorter blurbs…right.

And via JWZ, Ed’s Furry Fucking Guide to Metal.

Party on, dudes.