yay for pingbacks

So I do a dutiful job of my Japanese homework, in both Romaji and Hiragana (granted the day before it’s due, but hey, I’m busy). Despite doing a final vacuum before the SO’s mom arrives tomorrow, walking the dogs to pick up the small one from practice, having dinner, and bathing one of the dogs (the amount of brown water that went down the drain was very impressive).

After I finish homework, I note that the still slightly damp dog is still shedding, even though I bathed her. So, in a flash of brilliance, I decide to use the air filter we have in the living room as a shed collection device.

It works decently well; a bit escapes in the updraft of the exhaust, but standing the dog in front of the filter and rubbing her vigorously does seem to do a good job of trapping the bulk of her hair detritus. Of course she’s not exactly thrilled about the idea; attention is good, but this big humming machine sounds a little too much like the vacuum cleaner for her comfort. (This is the dog whose favorite outdoor pasttime is chasing the hose when I’m watering the few plants we have, and trying to bite the stream of water. The fiftieth or sixtieth time you’d think she’d figure out you can’t bite it.)

I tried to do the same with the other dog, but she was having even less of the air filter than the first dog. A bit of her fuzz did get sucked into the air filter, but not nearly as much as the just-bathed dog.

Anyway, the original reason for me posting is because Mr. Destructoid himself commented on one of my E3 posts! I think it’s because WordPress pingbacks each URL that gets mentioned in a post.

Not that it really means anything; it gives me a teensy tiny bit of fame and ego boost and not much else. But still, it’s fun to be noticed. Plus I get a w00t point. I’m not really sure what that means. But I have one!

Anyway; I have to make katakana flashcards for the next 10, set up another E3 pix post, then get up at 4:45 AM tomorrow. Yuck, but such is life.

my first food porn

I have a last round of E3 pix to put up, but first — it’s My First Food Porn!

Picture of berry yogurt with creme brulee'd brown sugar in ramekin

I got the idea from this article at SlashFood for a mother’s day breakfast in bed blueberry yogurt brulee. I had gotten a culinary torch several months back and hadn’t even filled it yet; I never really got up the energy to make the custard and such for a true creme brulee.

Since today was shopping day, and my SO doesn’t really like brulees, I decided to get the items for it and make it myself. With frozen berries instead of fresh (we did just buy a new fridge).

The recipe didn’t turn out quite as expected (see Out of House and Home in a bit for details), but I got to use the torch for the first time, and it was a decent dessert.

We also cleaned up the house in prep for my SO’s mom visiting. The backyard is decent and somewhat useable again (our dogs like digging, and the dirt gets EVERYWHERE); and my SO did an impeccable job in the kitchen and bathroom; I vacuumed everywhere and tried to get things as tidy as possible. Not perfect, but better.

Now, I have to get going on my Japanese homework…in a bit.

E32006 #2

Another day, another set of pictures. One more post probably later tonight or tomorrow.
My nose has been running all morning; either something bloomed during the night and is blanketing the area, or I picked up a convention cold. Plus my legs are sore. Other than that, I’m doing OK.

I’ll start with more PS3 stuff.

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E32006 #1

Today I went to E3. We ended up taking the train, then the subway — much better than driving. I took a bunch of pix, with one minor annoyance. etc. But I guess a camera makes you look like the press to most people, so I got treated pretty deferentially by almost everyone.

dreamGear, however, gets a raspberry. They had a decent looking PSP car dock that embeds in the headrest of a car seat, like people install monitors for the back seat. I thought it was neat and moved to take a picture of it, when one of the exhibitors asked if I was with the press. I said no (possibly a bad move), and she said that they didn’t allow pictures:
• From those who weren’t the press.
• Of a device that was at E3, a media show.
• That was visible from all around the booth on the show floor.
• That the exhibitors were showing off.
So, no mention from me except the raspberry. I hope the two of you reading this don’t buy their PSP car thingy.

Everyone else was great; even when a security guard called me over and I thought I was going to get bawled out, it turns out he just wanted to tell me that I could get a much better shot from where he was standing. And he was right.

Also during shooting, realizing that I had a couple of 2GB camera cards, I ended up switching from my normal mode of JPG to RAW, to see if I could fix white balance and stuff after the fact, instead of trying to switch to keep up with whatever colors were happening at the time. Not entirely sure what to do afterwards, I imported them into iphoto like usual — which can fortunately do a good job converting from RAW to jpg. I figured I’d just edit in photoshop like usual.

Not so. I got Photoshop Elements with the camera; turns out I need the full version (CS2) to use the raw plugin. I can upgrade for $500, but that won’t happen for a few months, at least.

So here they are, Elementsed as best I could.

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Denny Crane!

So every week lately we’ve been watching Boston Legal with some friends. It’s not really my kind of show; my SO likes things like Law and Order, and Monk is actually somewhat decent. But at least the Shatner moments provide some comic relief. You know. Denny Crane!

We played しりとり (shiri-tori), the Japanese game where you have to come up with words whose starting syllable matches the last syllable of the previous word. For instance, start with かさ、then go to さくら、then go to らいしゅ、and so on.
Decent game, plus it helps one practice hiragana.

Maybe tomorrow will be more exciting.


Ungabunga. I like that word. I think I learned it from the Flintstones.

Today I went to work, watched the Sony E3 press conference event via Gamespot (in which there was a person who spoke Japanese through a translator, and I understood most of what he said without needing the translator! yay!), came home, drove around running errands, purchased birthday things for my S.O. with help from her offspring, and came home to do Japanese homework. Oh the excitement, I can barely contain myself.

Tomorrow I go to work, watch the Microsoft and Nintendo E3 press conference events, drive around running more errands, go to Japanese class, and come home.

I will leave you with a picture of the dragon skull we just re-hung (after needing to take it down to allow the new & old refrigerators to pass by). It sits on a wall against a lovely background of picture frame and asbestos popcorn ceiling treatment, wearing festive christmas bells on its horns. You know, for festive purposes.

Dragon skull, from the front

eating in and not out

We’ve always been big fans of eating out, especially when the restaurant in question serves really good food. (Not pretentious food, mind you, but good food.)

We’ve also always been lucky enough that eating out several times a week has been an option for us. Unfortunately, that hasn’t left us with much money; every now and then we have to put off buying luxuries like toilet paper because we ate out too much in a week. And being able to save money would be kind of nice.

So we’re going to start trying to eat in more often. Which can actually be lots of fun, if you can do it right. My usual problem is that I’ll find a recipe that needs 18 ingredients, half of which I don’t have, so I have to go shopping, end up getting twice as much as I need, a fourth of which are specialty ingredients that only go in that one dish, and the dish isn’t so amazingly good that I have to make it repeatedly, so the remaining ingredients end up going bad and having to be thrown out.

A while ago my SO and I started another site, Out of House and Home, intending to be able to post recipes and mini-reviews of our favorite eateries there. We’ve got the eateries up; now we just need to start adding recipes.

I put up the first recipe — baked onions in cream and parmesan. It’s not something we can make every night, but I’ll see if we can’t start collecting more recipes and actually making them at home, so eating in doesn’t always have to mean “what’s frozen and nukeeable?”