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Outrageous hypocrisy

So I was driving to work listening to Morning Edition on NPR yesterday (or, now, the day before), and on came a story about homeless veterans. This story touched my outrage button.

Before I begin, let me lay out my philosophy towards the military. I have the utmost respect for the individual men and women of the armed forces. They do a job that I most likely could not handle emotionally, and they do it well.
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Consumer Governor Safety Recall

<cliche>So for those of you living under a rock</cliche>, enough people in California have signed petitions to hold a special election on October 7th to recall the governor, Gray Davis.

I think the recall is a bad idea. The reasons put forth by those vying for the recall are that Davis (re-elected apparently as ‘the lesser of two evils’ almost a year ago now) did such a bad job during the Great Electricity Crisis that he squandered the state’s money and reduced California’s budget to the sad state it’s in now.
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