elf ninja?

From reading the elf-dwarf-pirate-ninja theory of person classification, I’ve been trying to (honestly) figure out where I fit.

Looking at the pirate-ninja scale, I can’t see that I fit in as pirate. While it’s amusing, and every now and then I can be a bit of a boor, it doesn’t work out for me well enough that I could live up to being a pirate. Ninja, on the other hand… I’m not necessarily what one might call disciplined, but I do have a habit of swooping in and fixing (or sometimes breaking) things every now and then. The “Oh, I see the problem” school of mechanical artistry.

For elf-dwarf, on the other hand; while I would love to be on the practical end of things — I love perusing Make magazine, building and doing things, and making things better — I have to admit that I’m much more high concept. I’ll come up with an idea, hold it up to the light and admire it, then promptly forget about it. Or I’ll come up with something, work on it for a bit, then let it fall by the wayside for a while until I regain interest. Viz my cron-rs485-controlled sprinkler system, the LED outdoor lights I’ve talked about building here, and any one of a half-dozen projects that sit half-finished.
I collect oiltight industrial controls (telemecanique and allen-bradley are my favorites), and have been known to add switches and buttons to a project just to have more switches and buttons, even if they’re totally unnecessary.

So yeah; the almost-finished-remodeled bedroom with just a few more grout lines to fill and baseboards and window trim to add testifies that I’m probably more of an elf.

Not that it’s necessarily bad to be an elf-ninja. And my family puts up with it. I suppose I need to find a t-shirt now.

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