The self-checkout line…

…in Home Depot or otherwise, is not to be used for:
* items like wire that have been cut to a custom length and labeled by an employee
* items like bolts that do not have barcodes
* items that do have barcodes but are too light to trigger the bagging scale to register that a new item was placed upon them
* giant items like ten foot pieces of conduit that do not in any way, shape or form fit on the bagging scale

These things I learned while noting that the one human-powered checkout line was miles long, whereas there was nobody at the self-checkout lane this weekend at Home Depot. It ended up taking twice as long as the human-powered checkout, since the person supervising had to take half my items over to the central station and scan them manually. (It didn’t help that they went through three people during this time and the last one had to verify that all the items in the bag were on the receipt at the end.)

So I do see, now, why a lot of people consider the self-checkout line to be more of a pain than it’s worth. From now on, I’ll (try) to use it only for middle-weight, medium-sized boxy items that fit on the bagging scale and have a real barcode. Sigh.

One thought on “The self-checkout line…”

  1. they need a sign: you must be this smart to use the self checkout.

    at the supermarket i can walk in, get the stuff and pay by self checkout in 5 minutes. i love it. the armed-with-9mm-pistols security guards keep the honest honest. Now I just wish I could buy booze on sunday.

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