godwin’s law for politicians

I may have posted about this before. Every now and then, I hear something that reaffirms my belief that there should be a Godwin’s Law for politicians. Godwin’s law states that eventually, as a debate runs out of steam and real arguments, someone will compare the other side to Hitler, or the Nazis. This usually means that the side making the comparison has run out of actual arguments and has resorted to personal attacks.

Today on the radio (on the morning edition of The California Report, I think) I heard about the debate for California’s SB1437 in the state Assembly. In arguing against the bill, one Republican stated something to the effect that “If this bill were in effect and Adolf Hitler was gay, you could not say anything bad about him!”

The truly sad thing is that this person said it with such vitriol and apparent passion that it seems like he actually believed it was a valid argument against a bill that basically says “you cannot base treatment or judgement of a person on whether they are gay, straight, or otherwise.”

Please can’t we just make it a rule that, like in Usenet, if a politician or activist brings up Hitler, it means they’ve run out of valid arguments and automatically lose?

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