what am I?

Here is some basic info about me.

(This is a bit odd-feeling for me to put up personal information, since I’ve had a few unpleasant run-ins with malicious ‘stalkers’ in the past, but here goes.)

I live in Southern California in a decent area with a couple of very nice people whom I love. I work at a job that I enjoy and am grateful to have.

I enjoy mucking about with computers, electronics, hardware, software, and building and making things. I’m working on (and having mild, but not stellar success at) maintaining a 5-gallon saltwater micro-reef. I also enjoy playing with birds and dogs (which unfortunately usually can’t be done simultaneously).

I’ve found that I have very few absolutes. I like most music if it’s good, though there isn’t much “we have both kinds of music — country AND western!” or rap/hip-hop as a generic category that I like (though there are certain songs in both genres that I do enjoy). I like most foods if they’re well-prepared. I need movies I watch to be well done; bad acting is painful to watch.

It’s not that I have expensive tastes; there are several restaurants at which I eat where the food is excellent but a party of four can have a wonderful meal for under forty dollars, for instance.

I enjoy the cold much more than the heat (which is odd for someone living where I do) because one can put clothes/blankets/etc. on to alleviate the cold, but one can’t exactly run around naked to alleviate the heat.

The same generally holds for me politically and societally. I generally view that if an action makes the person doing it happy and isn’t harming anyone else, there probably isn’t anything wrong with it. That would make me libertarian, except that I don’t believe that a world free of regulations would be perfect — see the legal but dishonest (or perhaps dishonorable) gaming of the California electricity market of 2 years ago.

I wouldn’t consider myself a Democrat or a Republican, though I find myself agreeing with more that the Democratic party says than what the Republican party says. I believe strongly in gathering all the information (not just listening to what someone tells you) and making your own decision. I also believe in changing one’s mind about an issue if the evidence warrants, hard as that may be for me to do sometimes. (I’ve written “you rock! thank you!” and “what the heck were you thinking?” type letters to the same senator.)

I’ve also been getting into photography recently; my current camera is a Nikon Coolpix 995, and my favorite photograph that I’ve taken so far is this.

2 thoughts on “what am I?”

  1. Whoa. I’m so on auto-pilot I almost just typed in my friendster password in this comment. Bad syndromes!

    Anyway, fluff things first. I like the photo 🙂 The more you get into it, the more you’ll get photos you love i’m sure 🙂 And hey, maybe you can get ME to start taking photos again too 😉

    As for the meat & spuds of your post, I think it’s tough for anyone to be open minded. I generally tend towards libertarian points of view myself (live & let live), but i’ve noticed that I constantly have to monitor my thoughts to make sure i’m not just knee-jerking certain points of view. “Republican? BAD!!”. haha

    Ahh, wouldn’t life be boring if we weren’t looking to improve upon SOMETHING? 🙂

  2. Yup. Despite my air of confidence, I am willing to be wrong, and do want to improve myself. It just takes work. }:>

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