I found my Harris’ment

One or two of the three people who read this blog may remember that in early June I got Harris’ed — called by the pollsters and asked a bunch of questions.

I found a link to their press release for that poll here.

The most interesting thing about it I found was the table of “What do you think are the two most important issues for the government to address?” answers — they didn’t prompt, just took whatever you had to respond to. One of mine was the economy; I forget the other one, it might have been healthcare.

I find it very interesting that only 1% of people said that moral values or family values were an issue that needed to be addressed. They polled 1001 people; that means that a maximum of 15 people (1001*1.499% to allow for rounding) said that that was a big issue. Same sex marriage didn’t do much better — it got 2 percent, so maybe a whopping 25 people (1001*2.499%) said that that was a big deal. Even terrorism only got 4 percent — a whopping 45 people.

What did weigh on people’s minds? The war, immigration (sigh — all the press and jibberjabber it’s been getting would be driving that), the economy, and healthcare. Yet oddly enough, one hears more about Congress focusing on the tiny 1% and 2% issues, not the ones people are really worried about.

Just thought I’d throw out that observation.

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