a collection of two

So here’s some stuff I’ve been thinking of and/or found over the past week. Okay, two things.

When it comes to evolution, right-wing nutjobs (I hesitate to call them Christians) think that it’s not real, and God created everything in a matter of days. However, when it comes to gays and lesbians, these same people think that being gay is a choice rather than a result of a person’s biology because there’s no way that that sort of behavior could have survived evolutionary selection. You can’t have it both ways, folks; time to rein in the stupid and actually think about your positions for a change. (I have nothing to link to for this; it’s just an opinion I’ve formulated while reading some of the stuff that people on the right spew.

The other cool thing I found was a group of people who a) build tesla coils, and b) the subgroup who modulate the frequency of the coils according to MIDI input. I’m linking to a forum thread because I don’t want to deep-link to anyone’s videos, but check out some of the videos there. The heavy-metal-guitar-like noises are actually the sound of the electricity coming from the tesla coil.

That’s kind of it for now. I’m sure other exciting things are happening, but my brain has melted in the heat, so I can’t come up with any now.

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