almost there — and some tee vee

I know I promised the PS2 rackmount how-to; it’s almost there. I’ll try and finish it tomorrow.

Lately I’ve been wanting to watch decent spy movies. None of this modern-day Tom Clancy/Tom Cruise crap; I mean the good stuff, like the old James Bond stuff, the (remarkably sexist/racist/etc. but still amusing) Our Man Flint films, and nowadays, The Avengers. Not really sure why — they’re just silly, dumb fun.

I’ve seen most of the original Avengers episodes, with Mrs. Peel and Steed. Now I’ve moved onto the New Avengers, with Patsy — I mean Purdy — Gambit, and Steed. It’s got the perfect amounts of 70s cheese, silly plots, and thinly veiled sexual innuendo.

I watched Knight Rider and The A-Team and such in the 80s; somehow none of those quite match up with this, though. Now I just need to watch a good Bond movie or two (Connnery or Moore, please), and I should be OK.

Lately I’ve also been watching clips from Brainiac on YouTube. Brainiac appears to be what you get if you cross Mythbusters with Top Gear and have Spike TV produce it. It’s a science experiment/mythbusting show like Mythbusters, but with more explosions and silly ‘frat boy’ type science. They recently discovered Britain’s most dangerous underwear (a G-string with a stuffed monkey at the front; it catches on fire and burns more readily than more normal underwear).

Which brings me to a mini-rant. We don’t have cable or satellite; we just have an antenna (no monthly fees!) for what little TV we do watch. We used to have cable, but it was the old 500 channels and nothing’s on thing, pretty much constantly. Now we just get DVDs and NetFlix; we watch what we want, when we want. Except for the stuff that either isn’t out or isn’t here.

The UK has some really good TV shows; some cable networks also have some really good shows. But I can’t get the UK ones unless someone decides to release them 2 years down the line or longer, and some of the cable network shows from the US cost an arm and a leg (*ahem* MythBusters Season 2 — $99 for 13 episodes on 13 DVDs? I don’t think so!). To coin a phrase, why do you hate DVD-watching America? I don’t mind paying for stuff I’d like to watch, but a) it shouldn’t be more expensive than say, gold, and b) I should be able to get movies and TV shows without having to either import it from another country and find a region-free DVD player and without trying to download it and risk the wrath of whoever would like to enforce copyright by lawsuit.

In closing, and in the spirit of “you should be able to find ANYTHING on the internet”, here is the music video for Fish Heads.

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  1. What I would love to see would be cable or satellite a la carte, or better than that, iTunes-like (emphasis on “like”) subscriptions to shows on the internet. I don’t care if I watch most of these things on my mac rather than on a big screen TV. I don’t need spectacular graphics or sound to watch the Daily Show. I balk a bit at iTunes, tho, because I hate the whole idea of the restrictions it does or may soon carry: can I watch on more than the pc to which I downloaded the show? Can I only watch a limited number of times? Can I burn it to a CD? More than once? If I am paying for a thing, I sure as hell don’t want to be told how I can use it.

  2. I’m pretty sure that ITV (Internet TV) will be the way things will eventually work to where you will get the shows you want a la carte. The problem though will be the lowering of production costs as the democratizing of content will probably reduce the success of the current “big boys” of TV. We’ll see.

    Nice find on the video. BTW, I believe that is Dr. Demento as the wino in the alley.

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