Rack mounting a Playstation 2, part 2

In which rack mounting a PS2 is finished.

First attach the L-brackets to the bottom shelf. They can be placed more or less anywhere, but try not to block any vents or ports. We ended up blocking a small portion of the fan output, but not enough to really matter. The other one went behind the network adapter.
When you add the screws and nuts and tighten them down, make sure the PS2 fits snugly against them and still looks the way you want it at the front of the shelf.

Then, attach the top clamps. First one in front:

and the other in the middle:

Next comes the wiring. Here we have the VGA adapter, the Sync Separator (with power supply), the USB extension (we had to use a USB cable plus adapter, since a direct extension wasn’t available in black), and the KVM dongle.

Connect up the VGA adapter, Sync Separator, and KVM dongle. Lay the assembly out like so:

Then connect the adapter to the PS2 Multi A/V Out, and lay it across the back of the shelf.
Attach the KVM dongle to the shelf with a zip tie:

Then, run the USB extension cable out the hole at the front, and plug it into one of the USB ports on the PS2:

Run the USB cable to the back:

and connect it to the KVM dongle, laying out the excess USB cable around the back and sides:

And there you are! Put the shelf in the rack, wire it up, and go. In our case we had the PS2 power, the power for the Sync Separator, a Cat5 network cable (gray), and a Cat5 KVM cable (blue). We shopped at CyberGuys for a lot of misc parts — we got the USB cables as well as a bunch of their power strip liberators to hide the transformers for the Sync Separators in the rack wiring channels. Here are the PS2s in the rack from the back:

And here’s what they look like from the front:

All in all, a fun little project. There are reports now of the Playstation 3 running Linux as its core OS; we’ll have to see if this project can be repeated once those prices come down a bit.

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