thpt. (so, what comic did I grow up reading?)

We went for boba tonight at the usual spot. I had an almond milk tea with black tea boba. I thought about getting a PB&J slush ice, but figured that the almond milk would be better for me.

Since our fridge is out (did I mention our fridge is out? yes, I did. and I haven’t blogged for 3 days. ack!), we can’t store cold food, so we went to the grocery store. I grabbed a thing of 6 deviled egg halves (so much for ‘good for me’), and my S.O. grabbed some bean dip. (and so begin the fart jokes.) The dog enjoyed some Costco pet food, and I thought about having a can of fruit cocktail, but didn’t.

Oh; the other thing that happened was a power hiccup today. So there was much clock resetting. Yuck on silly electricity deregulation issues that cause us to have not enough power to handle the greedy state demands. And such.

I think today was a boring blog post. }:>

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