yucky with sleeplack

Today was sort of interesting. Last night was eventful.

I went to sleep around 2:30AM; around 3:30 AM the dog woke us up, nervous about the freak thunderstorm. She’s only two, so this may have been her first thunderstorm. We’d seen the lightning off in the distance around 11 or midnight the previous night; now it was closer, and the rumbling was spooking her a bit. So we got up and gathered the dog back in bed and tried to calm her down.

After a while she settled down and we went back to sleep for a bit.

Around 5:30 I woke up worried again about the clicking sound that had been coming from the kitchen for the past few days. This time, I got up and hunted for it, and found it — it was the refrigerator. And this time I found the puddle.

Turns out the compressor on the fridge had seized, and the clicking was it trying to turn the compressor on, the motor coil overheating, and the thermal protector kicking in and turning it back off. The puddle was the melted ice from the freezer. So I spent a while cleaning that up, using our new 4-gallon shop-vac to suck up the water.

I suppose it’s good in a way; there was stuff in the fridge that was 2-3 years old that we hadn’t thrown out because it doesn’t really go bad, and we figured we might use again someday. So this gives us an excuse to clean out the fridge entirely.

Then at 8AM we woke up to do breakfast and errands before the company picnic; so I spent most of the day running on caffeine and tiny naps.

On the plus side, both me and my SO won some prizes in the raffle at the company picnic.

On the other plus side, the fridge died before we went on an upcoming vacation, and not while we were on vacation.

And then we had a barbecue at a friend’s house, which was also fun.

So I think it ended up being a good day. I’m going to sleep now, though.

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