Post 300! Link dump.

Running around a lot. Not in a bad way.

Things I’ve found, with some musings:

Some more links and a bit of opinion now. Watch out!

Some business-ey things. Is your organization designed for humans? can spur off an interesting thought experiment about how businesses should be structured. The traditional model chooses people and puts them in slots. Person A designs the widget, person B makes the widget, person C markets the widget, and person D sells the widget. I think that companies where all people from A to D can interact and share duties — Person A and B can talk to person C about how to market, and person D can relay customer information and suggestions back to persons A and B. Companies where people are too siloed have problems — designers design products and never really find out about how their customers really use their products, or what problems they have. There are a bunch of companies I’m familiar with that are blurring the lines between divisions, and letting engineers and designers *gasp* talk to customers. I think this is a good thing. (Link via

Five questions every mentor must ask. I think it applies (as the author states) equally well to anyone (especially internal folks!) who are looking at a business or a process within an organization, as well. At the very least it gives you a framework to start from when trying to “think outside the box”. (Egh. I need to work on my synonyms.) Via the New Shelton Wet/Dry.

This is something I’ve run into in the past. How does a technical person effectively convey to HR or a recruiter what they’re looking for when relying on them to screen resumes? Not sure if this comic will help.

In an interesting experiment, a UCLA psychologist showed that talking about bad feelings helps lessen their impact. So talking to one’s priest, therapist, psychologist, even your S.O. really does help one cope with overwhelming emotion. Possibly found via The New Shelton Wet/Dry.

And in other news, here are Ten things science says will make you happy. I try to follow at least a few of these. I don’t always do a good job.

And last, to make myself happy, I’ve been listening to The Birdsong Radio web site at work. Lovely recordings of just birds singing their tiny hearts out.

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