what a sofa

Something about the sofa makes the dog want to lick it. Mind you, this is a dog that will come up to you and start licking you — so maybe it’s not so much a stretch. But when the dog is on the sofa with us, she’ll find a spot that seems tasty and start licking it. I don’t know why.

If I try to pull her away or otherwise dissuade her, she stretches her head and tongue out to keep licking the spot that enthralls her so. And it’s never the same spot, either — perhaps she’s in the mood for a different area of the sofa, or something. Or perhaps she feels she’s not getting enough living room furniture in her diet, and I should be grateful she’s not chewing it.

The dog also went and found the can that contained her food from the recycle bin, and took it into the living room to nurse it some before we discovered her — fortunately without any nose/mouth injuries. (This one doesn’t do dry food, it seems — or at least not the kind we’ve got.)

We do have a good dog. But sometimes she’s a puzzlement.

One thought on “what a sofa”

  1. She sounds like a hardy one. I hope you don’t have to take her to FA (furniture-lickers Anonymous) or put her into a 12 step program. You haven’t recently covered your couch in meat, have you?

    Seriously, Kate and I miss you guys very much, and cannot wait to see you soon.

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