sick link dump

I think I did one of these before. I’ve gotten the flu now twice in less than six months — certainly not a happy thing. I appear to be past the I-need-a-body-transplant-this-one-is-broken stage and into the messy-remnants-don’t-cough-now-but-your-nose-is-running stage. Here’s hoping for a full coherent day tomorrow.

So in the last throes of fever-induced delerium, here are some links i’ve been saving up. Like the last one, unfortunately, I didn’t record where I got them from — so they’re probably from the usual suspects — Reddit, Digg, Neatorama, among others.

  • Not to seem like an amputation fetishist, but I think these two people have the right idea — if you have to have a replacement limb, design it to be sleeker and better than the one it replaces. This prosthetic arm by Hans Alexander Huseklepp, and this prosthetic leg by Jordan Diatlo (possibly both via NOTCOT). A prosthetic certainly shouldn’t look pedestrian. (oh my. I’m probably going to hell for that one.)
  • I knew that Naugahyde existed, but I had no idea that it came from real naugas. I think this one came from Kottke.
  • I just like this headline: Blowfish testicles poison seven. Again, probably going to hell.
  • I love the 50s-movie-poster-style “Humans are among us!” ad campaign for the Sci Fi channel.
  • Two important notices on a utility box. Didn’t I say I’m probably going to hell?
  • Here’s a scary idea that’s almost Hugo Drax or Max Zorin in its scale: Herman Sörgel, a German architect, wanted to build a dam across the Gibraltar Strait and drain the Mediterranean Sea. Called Atlantropa, ignoring the environmental impact, it was purported to provide space to relieve overpopulation, and large amounts of farmland (including irrigating the Sahara Desert). It’s almost British Empire in its audacity. The poor guy couldn’t get anyone — the pre-WWII Nazis or the post-WWII European countries — to support the plan, even though he shopped it around for 30 years. You can’t say Sörgel didn’t think big.
  • The Beatles, seen from the top down.
  • Eastern Bloc Lolcats, translated?
  • The Trilogy Meter. Not terribly inaccurate.
  • The mystery of Ireland’s worst driver, solved! Those wacky Polish!

And now, as possibly previously seen, but necessary for repeated viewing, Phill Jupitus does Eddie Izzard — remarkably well.

He also does a remarkable Stephen Fry:

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