So, my SO, our daughter, and I have agreed to try and spend the next more or less thirty days with a post a day. We’ll see if that actually happens; but we made a promise while riding the trolley, so I will try and uphold my end of the bargain.

What’s been new lately? We have a cleaner house and yard, new gates, about 7/8ths of a slate tile floor in the back bedroom. Things are still somewhat moving on the remodel, and we adopted a rhodesian ridgeback mix (I keep wanting to say romanian razorback) tripod of a lovely dog.

I will try to blog more details on at least some of this. However, some posts may indicate how many times I blew my nose that day. Check back soon.

One thought on “blogmises”

  1. oh yes… well i blew my nose 3 times today.. oh yes.. and i lost the tissue box so we had to go and open a new box.. heeheehee… HAPPY BDAY!!

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