linkdump and eggs

Tonight I successfully made 150 degree (65 degree C) eggs. They were really good; the yolk still wasn’t runny, probably because they were closer to 151 degree eggs. But the whites were better, and the yolk was soft and almost-liquid-but-not-quite. I’ll probably do that again sometime, but it takes an hour of constant babysitting on our stove (move the pot closer to the flame, move it away from the flame, watch the thermometer to make sure the pot of water doesn’t heat up or cool down too much). If I really got into this thing I wouldn’t mind a circulator for cooking sous-vide (vacuum packed food cooked at specific temperatures, sort of like a fancy crock pot with gadgets), but those are quite pricey. I’ll probably just keep experimenting and keeping the recipes I use to what the limits of my patience are.

And now, via Digg, Will Smith on German television, helping to sing the Men in Black song, with a ukulele.

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