Morning Fix Lives! (sort of)

So Mark Morford’s semi-daily newsletter The Morning Fix is only partly dead, and might return soon. Articles here, here, and here outline what happened; some uptight weenie with a misguided sense of humor and no clue as to what real journalism (well, freedom of speech at least) is about decided to try and shut the Fix down. It sounds like they’ll be back, though, and Morford might even get a print column out of it. YAY.

I hate when humorless people try to get stuff like this shut down. Is someone taping your eyelids open and forcing you to read it? No? Then sit down and shut up. Thank you. Drive through.

2 thoughts on “Morning Fix Lives! (sort of)”

  1. From what I can gather SFgate itself didn’t give the order (but rather somewhere higher up the food chain?).

    In any case, I just – don’t – get it. People aren’t offended if you say “f—king” but are if you say “fucking”??


    Sometimes I really can’t stand where our world is currently… *sigh*

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