food post and single-linkdump

Today was lots of fun, in a run-around-and-get-things-done kind of way. I’m quite tired now though.

I put up only one post so far about the food, but with pictures, at out of house and home, our group food and recipe blog. But I got the pictures set up for the pots-de-creme and devonshire berry pavlovas (thank you again, Extraordinary Desserts), so just have to write the posts for those. I’m also probably going to make another batch of yuzu cream tomorrow — I have some limes and an orange I have to use up, some puff pastry in the freezer, and a new microplane grater to try out.

Today I only found one link. One link! Internet, you’ve failed me for today! Also I’m too tired to go hunting now.

Today’s link is to this story about medieval nanotech (which isn’t nearly as cool as that combination of words should be), whereupon it’s been discovered that a thin coat of gold on certain stained glass windows actually works kind of like titanium dioxide to help remove VOCs from the air when struck by sunlight — a natural air purifier, as it were.

We’ll try for more tomorrow. Internet, you’ve been told!

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