a post, a post, my noodle for a post

Bad butchery of Shakespeare. But, I’ve been threatened with bodily violence if I don’t post again soon, so here we go.

Not much to say, really, other than me being annoyed in general with politicians as usual. I suppose I can deliver my hopes for 2004 (since of course nobody else has posted anything remotely similar yet).

  • Tom Daschle, Nancy Pelosi, and other congressional democrats grow some balls and start actually derailing stupid Republican legislation, rather than trying to claim victory because one part of what actually passed wasn’t quite as much of a right-wing giveaway as when the bill started out,
  • The democratic presidential candidates who aren’t Howard Dean realize that by attacking Dean they’re undermining the democratic party in general and helping Bush,
  • that the news media will stop giving Bush such a free ride and start paying more attention to issues that are far worse than getting sexual gratification in the White House,
  • the American People will wake up to the fact that the Republican Party and Bush do not, in fact, have their best interests at heart, and will vote the bastards out come fall 2004,
  • and that I’ll post more on my blog.

(I’m not too bitter, am I?)

Anyhow, hopefully more intelligent and supported and less ranty stuff in future, and not too long from now.

5 thoughts on “a post, a post, my noodle for a post”

  1. There’s my Dragon! I am so glad to see you posting! I share your hopes for the new year, D, but you knew I would. Keep posting, ok? I promise to keep commenting, even if only to nod in agreement. I love you.

  2. I was beginning to think we’d lost you to the “nothing” good to see you back even if i dont understand anything about American politics etc.

  3. sorry to do this, but i’m so bored and needed to seriously get this off my chest.
    Isn’t it weird. Yeah when you panic and you place the very thing in your life that makes you happy down and place it with a different site. Isn’t it strange that your so obsessively scared of what people think of your tastes that you would rather you became a ‘nobody’ with no tastes that show you flare, personality and opinion. Its hard to believe some people have any. But im not leaving myself out of the category at all.
    Distinction is hard to come by and the people who have unique flare, I admire. You know the type, the people who stick two fingers to the world, and the ones that tell the teachers where to shove next Thursdays homework. The people who have guts not to let things get them down or let anyone’s thoughts pressure them into giving something up. I like the people who wear what they want, and tell all. I mean I do, but in the same vein I don’t. I don’t strive to be popular or ask to be seen as different, an icon. Because at the end of the day that what these people are. People to live up to, admire.
    Looking across the room, there is. What do you say, hello. I don’t think so. And even though I know them, I don’t know their style, personality. I like the feeling of ‘I’m with you’ and the look other people give when your with them. It’s a sad feeling, looking on the outside, but its how the world works. Its how there are celebrities, famous people, television stars, and icons. The ultimate celebrities that become superstars, not that I’m getting off the point from people I see at school but.
    Pondering life’s questions of who is and who isn’t and whose really isn’t, its funny. I mean who actually is classed as popular, and why can’t I be. I mean I poses the very quality of living like everyone else, maybe not th hip trendy lifestyle of sipping frapacino at Starbucks and going shopping every weekend, but sure I’m living. And even if living means sitting in my house some nights, going out with friends and getting pissed when I possibly can, I have as much rights as everyone else, right?
    Anyway life’s rather shit when it comes to life and it not like I want to end it, I don’t want to take the very sharp knife to my wrists, even though yes, it’s the obvious way out. Besides aren’t we all a bit famous?

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