Right wing contradictions..

I’ve been a bit busy with work and such to write, unfortunately — I’m about two posts behind my goal of two posts a week. I want to write something about having a Governator, but that will come soon enough.

For now, have a listen to the October 8th show of Fresh Air on NPR. Host Terry Gross interviews Bill O’Reilly of the Fox News Channel, and O’Reilly loses it near the end. It’s 40 minutes long, but worth it. (Their server seems to be a bit slashdotted now, unfortunately — apparently people have discovered the interview. }:>)

It’s interesting how O’Reilly seems to be finding his style in other people, but outright refuses to see his style in himself. I also find it amusing that he seems to be blustering his way through justifications when people point out his inconsistencies. Bravo to Gross for confronting O’Reilly as hard as Al Franken does.

(Something I forgot to mention when I originally posted this, I got the pointer at the Fresh Aire interview from Joe Conason’s Journal on Salon. Thank $deity for editable weblog posts. }:>)

5 thoughts on “Right wing contradictions..”

  1. I think her interview was a bit harsh, however his choice of “getting the last word” as it were shows the type of person he is. I also find it amusing you have to be a premium member of his site to write “feedback” about the interview… or even to e-mail him. How open and fair of him.

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