Shortish linkdump, and some comedy

Shortish linkdump tonight, mainly because I wanted to post the video at the end.

We have:

OK — here’s the video. I’m a fan of Eddie Izzard and Dara O’Briain for smart stand-up comedy; tonight on Videosift, I find that they’ve been posting stand-up clips from Bill Bailey, who up till now I’ve only seen in clips from QI. (Go sign their petition to release the DVD in the US — want intelligent funnythings on TV please!). Play. Laugh. Enjoy.

Bill Bailey on “Acts of God” rental insurance clauses:

And Bill Bailey on Britain:

new year’s linkdump

Welcome to 2009! This year I resolve to do more things better. (In all the various and interesting ways that sentence can be parsed.)

Meanwhile, a bit of a backlog of links.

And now, a video made possible with inexpensive editing and compositing software, and a man or few with lots of time on their hands, that reminds me of reading USEnet TV-show crossover humor fiction stories fifteen years ago(!?): Star Trek meets Doctor Who: The Christmas Special. Thank you, Reddit and Mind Grapes.