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Tonight I made more apple galette things, and they were the best yet. I really need to blog the pie crust recipe and galette recipe. Soon.

For now:

And now, straight off of youtube, someone took the Quantum of Solace opening credits and pasted in Joe Cornish’s proposed theme song. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I understand it’s much better this way.

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Today, I marveled at how well Network Appliance’s cluster failover feature worked. One head of a pair lost communication with its disks, the other head took over, and nobody noticed.


Tonight, via Reddit, Peter Sellers beats out William Shatner by about 40 years. A Hard Day’s Night in the style of Sir Laurence Olivier’s Richard the III.

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Today there was food. I’m getting better at the mini-apple-galette things. And I think I’ve found my pie crust recipe. I’m going to have to post both.


  • I think this site has made the rounds before, but it’s amusing if you’ve not seen it before. Let the thing load and wait for it. Via Reddit.
  • Lovely pictures of wintry snow and ice — I haven’t had to shovel it, so it’s still pretty. Via Reddit.
  • I’d go for this bailout — give everyone a sum they have to use to buy things instead of paying down debt or investing with. Like the “stimulus checks” but guaranteed to be shoveled back into the economy. Via Reddit.
  • This is rather moving; the surviving Tuskegee Airmen to be invited to Obama’s inauguration. And it’s Sen. Feinstein of California of all people who sent the invite — not someone I agree with a lot of the time, but she did an impressively good thing this time. Via Reddit.
  • Not normally a fan of Reader’s Digest, but every now and then they do an impressive article. Here are eighteen memos to President Obama from various political and cultural leaders. A few (esp. Grover Norquist’s) surprised me. Via Reddit.
  • In software — this guy’s comments about letting an operating system do what it’s good at (in other words, don’t think you know better than the OS does how to shuffle your program’s data between RAM and disk are at least something that should be taken into consideration when you design something intended to be fast and efficient. Via Reddit.
  • For the aspiring MacGyvers out there, or at least someone who always wants to be prepared, Parachute-cord bracelets. So you’ll always be ready to rappel down the side of a (two-story) building. Via NOTCOT.
  • Here’s a fun metafilter thread to read (especially in lean times!) — what pieces of everyday life can be upgraded, usually for not a lot of money, for something durable and well-made and even pleasurable to use. It drives me nuts when people will buy a poorly-made knockoff or off-brand item because it’ll save them a few bucks, then being unhappy with the result, when a few extra bucks would have gotten something decent. If the difference is only a little bit, save a little longer and buy the better made product that lasts longer. No matter what you’re spending, even if it’s $5 for a can opener, you can’t afford to throw away money on something that’ll break in a few months. A few of the answers can get ridiculous (Aeron chairs? I wish!) but many of them are very interesting to read.
  • These shuriken magnets are cool.

Today’s video: a camera that poops out photos.

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Tonight we bowled. It was fun.


Today’s video is a poem on the impotence of proofreading, by Taylor Mali. (via VideoSift).

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Links for tonight:

  • Easyweb is a French company that uses (bright) laser projectors to project spectacular 3D graphics and imagery on buildings, using building features in the presentations. Their six minute portfolio video is absolutely amazing; just sit back and enjoy it. Via Reddit.
  • Funny comic for today: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Via Digg.
  • Here’s a lovely concept — a cuckoo speaker (which is probably not a clock). Via gizmodo.
  • Adobe and University of Washington put together an interesting tool called Zoetrope — sort of like a visual WayBack Machine. MIT Technology Review put up a video about it, and Gizmodo did a quick writeup.
  • Sony’s released specs on their Cell-CPU-based server called Zego. Could be an interesting change from x86, especially for visual processing — and might give Cray a run for its money.

Tonight’s video: Real life Mario Kart! (via everywhere)