weekend linkdump

Going to try and make a pie crust with cream cheese instead of butter or shortening tomorrow. Maybe also brown sugar instead of normal sugar. And if that turns out well enough, form it into little tartlet shells with yuzu curd in the middle. Wish me luck.

Beyond that, mostly photo fun today:

Tonight’s video — violinist Paul Dateh and a DJ Inka One from LA making really impressive violin-and-hip-hop (ish) music. It’s really, really impressively good, especially when they get further into the medley. I only dabble in hip-hop listening, but I’d buy their music.

small linkdump

Not much tonight. I had to get up unpleasantly early today, so a quick post, dinner, and bed for me.

Here are things I found:

And for tonight’s video, we have a toddler who doesn’t appear to be quite sure what’s happening, but he and the crowd are having fun:

long-time-since linkdump

Okay, I got sick, and slacked on posting. I think I’m better now. Even the lingering cough is mostly gone.

Meanwhile, we have a new president-elect (yay!) and weather that’s starting to look more wintry.

Here are a few links I’ve stored up:

And finally, a song in Polish. Not sure what it means, or why. But it’s catchy.