how much is inside?

The other day, our dogs decided to play “How much is inside?” with our Love Sac post-beanbag thing that had become their bed.

Three dogs, lots of stuffing

It’s quite the game with the dogs to rip their toys apart; unfortunately, when they run out of toys, they move on to bigger and better things. They do seem quite pleased with themselves when they manage to rip something apart; our tripod (the brown one) takes particular relish in pulling all the stuffing out of a stuffed toy she’s tired of licking to death, and she and the puppy (the black one) enjoy a good game of tug of war with anything that has seams that will tear.

In any case, THAT MUCH is inside a Love Sac, and there’s still plenty of foam left inside for cushioning the dogs. (The seams, unfortunately, were quite ripped; not being any good at sewing things back together, we ended up tossing the lot, and now they have $20 (but just as comfy, it seems) fleece stuffed pet beds from Costco.