today, java is not my friend

One thing before I start my rant about java. It means two things: coffee and a programming language. Coffee, to be clear, is absolutely my friend. It makes me happy in the morning and keeps me awake at night. I treat it with respect and it helps me out.

Java the programming language, on the other hand, is not my friend. Let me explain.

At work we’ve been working on a piece of software that, from within a web browser, needs to open up a file on the user’s computer and send it up to a server. To make sure this works on pretty much every browser, the only real option is java.

So we look around for how to do this, even buy a source license from a commercial package that does something similar, and think we’ve got it figured out. The head programmer writes up a set of code that should do the trick, builds a signed jar file, and tests it out — it works! But only on the programmer’s computer.

Let me back up and explain something about java. Unlike most languages, it has two modes. The first is your standard “everything works” mode, where you write code, you run it like a normal program, and it just works. The second mode happens when you download java code from a web site and run it inside a web browser. In this case, there are a set of things you can’t do — you can’t make network connections, you can’t open local files, etc. — unless the code is signed and/or you specifically grant the program permission, either by clicking ‘Yes’ at an allow box or by modifying a java config file.

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