bathroom fan joy #1

So in the midst of all this flooring and concrete joy, our bathroom fan starts making a horrendous “I’m dying a horrible painful grinding death” noise. Already loud, this makes toilet and bath use pretty much unbearable in there.

So I decide it’s time to do what I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and order a remote bath ventilation system.
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concrete hell #2

Previously I wrote about the joy of discovering, after wrestling with flooring choices, that we appear to have a good chunk of moisture coming up from underneath the slab along the outside walls in our back bedroom.

Still not sure what to do about this, I try a couple of things.

First, I try turning off the window fan in this room; we had it going in here constantly due to the drywall compound, paint, etc. that was being used in this room. At this point, though, there isn’t anything outgassing that we know of, so I figure maybe the fan is lowering the air pressure in the room enough that it’s drawing moisture up through the concrete. So I try turning it off.

Second, I rent a jackhammer:

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concrete hell #1

I forget how much I’ve posted about the back bedroom remodeling project, but that has been going along well enough. We got someone to stucco the windows (and passed all the related inspections), then we put up the drywall (using Georgia-Pacific DensArmor Plus wallboard — basically drywall but with fiberglass matting on both sides instead of paper. If it gets wet, no mold!). We had a great crew come out to tape and texture the drywall — they did a beautiful job on the new drywall, as well as on the existing (ceiling and interior wall) drywall. We painted it with Frazee Envirokote Zero VOC paint (which really is zero VOC — the office is getting painted by pros at the same time, and the difference in the odor — or lack thereof, with the Envirokote — is amazing). Then, since it hangs on the wall and doesn’t sit on the floor, we got Elfa shelving from the Container Store (during the annual Elfa sale, no less!) for the closet and along one wall for bookshelves.

We even get and install a dog door (with wall tunnel) to put in the wall so the dog doesn’t have to ask all the time to go in and out. And we’re in the process of getting the outside of the house painted and stucco-color-coated.

Feeling pretty confident (finally) about the whole project, I start cleaning the floor to prep for gluing down the bamboo flooring planks that we purchased for this room three (!) years ago, when we first started this project.
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electrical hell #2

So it’s time for my 3-monthly blog post. }:>

This one’ll be a follow up to my last post, electrical hell #1, in which I discover wildly different hot-to-neutral voltages on each side of the phases of my electrical service.

The next day, the power company sends an apparently normal person (who was extremely nice in comparison to the Sunday morning at 5AM person) to check things out.
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