remodeling hell #1.2: stucco & drywall

So it’s been a little bit since my last entry on this.

We got the permit I was so nervous about beforehand, and have already had two inspections on it, both apparently passing with flying colors. I suppose it pays to be meticulous.

The windows were installed, and look beautiful. They brighten up the room immensely.

I had to install a new diagonal cross-member to replace the existing one that had to be cut to put the windows in, then I had to insulate — we found Johns Manville Formaldehyde-Free Easy-Fit insulation, which is actually pretty cool, despite being fiberglass. Good for insulation, but makes bad itchies, even with coveralls and taped-up gloves and boot covers (although that does help a little bit).

We also put AstroFoil radiant barrier in all the stud cavities behind the insulation, since that wall faces south. We put astro-foil under the roof rafters in a couple of uninsulated parts of the house, and it smooths out the temperature swings (remember, California is a desert — hot during the day, cold at night) immensely. At some point I want to put it under the rafters across the whole house, but due to the amount of crap in the attic, that’s rather a large project.

That part wasn’t really all that bad. But then comes the stucco issue…
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Hurricanes are punishment for voting for Bush in 2000

At the risk of sounding like an inflammatory left-wing nutcase, I propose the following:

The fact that Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana, among the other southern gulf-coast-area states, have been through three hurricanes in the past few weeks and are gearing up for their fourth must be a punishment from God for voting for Bush.

Hey, if Jerry Falwell and other right-wing nutjobs can claim that God is on their side, then why can’t I?