Outrageous hypocrisy

So I was driving to work listening to Morning Edition on NPR yesterday (or, now, the day before), and on came a story about homeless veterans. This story touched my outrage button.

Before I begin, let me lay out my philosophy towards the military. I have the utmost respect for the individual men and women of the armed forces. They do a job that I most likely could not handle emotionally, and they do it well.
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referrer surfing

Does anyone else besides me go referrer surfing? Since I’m internally vain about some of the things I do (I got excited last week because I got my first credits in not one but two video games — yay!), I set up analog for the system that hosts my blog (as well as moonpuddle’s and syndromes’) and have been running the report once every 6 hours or so.

The only reason I bring this bit of vanity up is because of the tiny emotional roller coaster I went on when I saw www.technorati.com in the referrer logs, and thought “whoa cool, someone I don’t know linked to me!” It turns out that it’s just a blog search engine type thing that spidered the site earlier, probably from one of the other blog indexes I ping when I post; so I was a bit disappointed.

I would like to thank Moonpuddle and Syndromes, both of whom I know, for plugging me on their blogs, however. }:>

(Note that when I go off on vanity tangents like this I’m not expecting or asking anything of anyone; just commenting on my thought processes and how easily I can be amused. All part of trying to figure out how I work.)

(That brings up another point; how easily stuff written down in snippets like this can be taken the wrong way. Some people think that I’m an arrogant prick based on some of the stuff they’ve seen me write; I like to think that I’m not, though, and that they’ve just misinterpreted me. But that’s something for another post, perhaps.)

(I’m done now, I promise.)

Plans and things

I’m planning to try and write something substantial here at least once a week. Not that I’m great at it; in junior high I fantasized about writing funny yet meaningful columns for MacUser like John C. Dvorak, Guy Kawasaki, and Andy Ihnatko. I tried for a bit, but failed pretty badly for a number of reasons.

I did, however, hone some of my writing ability through (shock dismay) USEnet, IRC, and mailing lists posts. So maybe I’m a little better now.

Until then, go read some Bruno the Bandit.

Consumer Governor Safety Recall

<cliche>So for those of you living under a rock</cliche>, enough people in California have signed petitions to hold a special election on October 7th to recall the governor, Gray Davis.

I think the recall is a bad idea. The reasons put forth by those vying for the recall are that Davis (re-elected apparently as ‘the lesser of two evils’ almost a year ago now) did such a bad job during the Great Electricity Crisis that he squandered the state’s money and reduced California’s budget to the sad state it’s in now.
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what am I?

Here is some basic info about me.

(This is a bit odd-feeling for me to put up personal information, since I’ve had a few unpleasant run-ins with malicious ‘stalkers’ in the past, but here goes.)

I live in Southern California in a decent area with a couple of very nice people whom I love. I work at a job that I enjoy and am grateful to have.
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Late starter…

I suppose I’m a bit of a late starter in this whole blog thing. Others have done it before; it’s been around a long time; hell, even a presidential candidate is doing it.
I’ve been wanting a place to post/vent ideas for a while now. It would be about time that I got off my butt and set up a weblog.