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let’s dust this old thing off

Trying to add some automation to my life; there’s something to be said for doing it the old fashioned way, but when life gets busy, I’m OK with letting computers do the repetitive stuff.

The new system should make it easier for me to share linkdumps; with luck it’ll give me more time to write posts with actual content. I’ll try and tweak and make it better as I get used to it.

Also, you should watch this. Pogo does great things with old movie clips. Seek out his ‘Alice’ and ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious’ tracks as well, at the very least.

ads. Are ads my friends?

I also figured I should probably sign up for an ad program on this blog. No idea how many people actually read it, or could read it, or would read it. Google seems to not be evil, and their ads can actually sort of blend in, in a classified ad sort of way.

I try not to be a stats whore, though sometimes I can be; I’ve got a logs analyzer running, but I haven’t examined it in a while. Plus I’m not sure how best to separate out the page crawlers and web worms from real, actual traffic. (Are you a real person? Are you a robot? Are you neither?)

I’m not exactly sure why all the ads seem to be for brad pitt and angelina jolie related stuff, or if this is just a placeholder. We’ll see what happens.


So here my blog takes a bit of a new turn. I’ve often thought about doing this but never actually done it. Part of my chosen occupation often leads me down paths where I try to go google to find the solution to a problem, but find that the solution (and even the problem) is often so specialized that nobody has actually posted on a forum, newsgroup, webpage, or anything about the problem or solution, assuming others have actually encountered the problems before.

Mind you, I’m not going to be so arrogant as to assume that I’m always coming across new and inventive ways to break things; computing has been around for long enough that you figure someone would have run into issues like I have before. But I suppose they just don’t post about them.

So in an effort to help others, let off a bit of steam, and provide a little more google fodder for future people looking for my problems, I’m going to try and blog some of the weirder issues that I come across.

Enjoy, and I hope you don’t get too bored out of your mind.