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sf how cool.

We spent a day in SF today. First we took caltrain, then we took BART, and got off and walked around some.

We saw a bunch of random lovely-looking restaurants, stopped in a lovely pet-supply store called Best In Show (ha ha), grabbed coffee at two different and yummy coffee houses, and generally had fun wandering around.

Then we went to the Presidio and wandered around the new Lucasfilm buildings; we saw the statue of Yoda and marveled that the creek and lagoon both had “emergency stop” buttons (photos to be posted on Flickr soon).

After that we crossed the Golden Gate, looked at the fog covering the bay, the bridge, and such, and then drove up to Battery Spencer to look back down (and be buffetted by the wind blowing the fog up from the Pacific Ocean).

Then we had an excellent dinner of Tapas and Crepes, and retired to bed.

My SO asked me to mention that she feels poopy tonight, however, and will be double-blogging tomorrow.

norcal day three?

Yesterday and today were good days.

Yesterday we went to Hakone Gardens; I took some pictures which are on flickr.

Then, we went to Phil’s Fish Market — best fresh fish restaurant in Northern California. I had a French sauteed sole with a yummy basil & tomato cream sauce thing, and oh was it tasty. We’re debating calling an “expensive eat-in dinner” when we’re feeling rich, and ordering their frozen lazy-man cioppino and having people over to help eat it (along with one or two apple pies in a bag). I also took more pictures along the way.

We drove back through Santa Cruz, and stopped off at the pier and visited the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. After finding some pressed penny machines (which it turns out are legal, as long as you don’t try to spend the pressed pennies as actual money), we headed back.

Today we went to Los Gatos and puttered around some; we visited a couple of coffee shops, had fondue for lunch, visited a Borders bookstore that was built inside an old theater where I worked some shows a looong time ago, and generally had fun.

This evening we had one of the best Japanese dinners I’ve ever had (second only to Tombo in LA) at Kamakura Japanese Restaurant — super-fresh fish and really good sushi. Then we went to see March of the Penguins — funny, sad, a nature documentary. But good.

worries & ibuttons

Today we left for a quick trip to San Francisco. I have to say, this felt like the most organized we ever were before leaving on a trip. Of course, that means I forgot something or left something running; fortunately we have some very nice people staying at the house, so I can just call them if I think of something I may have forgotten, and they can check and tell me if I really did forget or if I’m just a nutjob worrywart.

I’m sure I’m not the only one with “did I lock the door?” syndrome — where you leave for work, say, and half an hour later wonder if you locked the door, turned off the water, whatever — because those motions are so automatic, that there’s no good way to query your brain and figure out if you did them that morning or not.

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doing a half-assed job

I was about to note that I’m only posting once every other day, but if you count the fact that my last post was after midnight, it’s only been a day. Ish.

So what did I do?

Missed out on a couple of auctions on ebay, bought a couple of small things on other auctions, balanced my checkbook (always exciting) and was reminded how I shouldn’t be buying small things on any auctions.

We watched a movie tonight — Venus Beauty Institute — which sort of reminded me of a French Mystic Pizza. Decent movie, but I don’t know that I need to see it again.

I am a fan of Full Metal Alchemist, however; we watched the second DVD in the series last night. Good story, interesting concepts, and just generally engaging.

I want to go see The Aristocrats, but don’t know when it’ll be playing near us.

Other than that, we didn’t do much at all.


thpt. (so, what comic did I grow up reading?)

We went for boba tonight at the usual spot. I had an almond milk tea with black tea boba. I thought about getting a PB&J slush ice, but figured that the almond milk would be better for me.

Since our fridge is out (did I mention our fridge is out? yes, I did. and I haven’t blogged for 3 days. ack!), we can’t store cold food, so we went to the grocery store. I grabbed a thing of 6 deviled egg halves (so much for ‘good for me’), and my S.O. grabbed some bean dip. (and so begin the fart jokes.) The dog enjoyed some Costco pet food, and I thought about having a can of fruit cocktail, but didn’t.

Oh; the other thing that happened was a power hiccup today. So there was much clock resetting. Yuck on silly electricity deregulation issues that cause us to have not enough power to handle the greedy state demands. And such.

I think today was a boring blog post. }:>

yucky with sleeplack

Today was sort of interesting. Last night was eventful.

I went to sleep around 2:30AM; around 3:30 AM the dog woke us up, nervous about the freak thunderstorm. She’s only two, so this may have been her first thunderstorm. We’d seen the lightning off in the distance around 11 or midnight the previous night; now it was closer, and the rumbling was spooking her a bit. So we got up and gathered the dog back in bed and tried to calm her down.

After a while she settled down and we went back to sleep for a bit.

Around 5:30 I woke up worried again about the clicking sound that had been coming from the kitchen for the past few days. This time, I got up and hunted for it, and found it — it was the refrigerator. And this time I found the puddle.

Turns out the compressor on the fridge had seized, and the clicking was it trying to turn the compressor on, the motor coil overheating, and the thermal protector kicking in and turning it back off. The puddle was the melted ice from the freezer. So I spent a while cleaning that up, using our new 4-gallon shop-vac to suck up the water.

I suppose it’s good in a way; there was stuff in the fridge that was 2-3 years old that we hadn’t thrown out because it doesn’t really go bad, and we figured we might use again someday. So this gives us an excuse to clean out the fridge entirely.

Then at 8AM we woke up to do breakfast and errands before the company picnic; so I spent most of the day running on caffeine and tiny naps.

On the plus side, both me and my SO won some prizes in the raffle at the company picnic.

On the other plus side, the fridge died before we went on an upcoming vacation, and not while we were on vacation.

And then we had a barbecue at a friend’s house, which was also fun.

So I think it ended up being a good day. I’m going to sleep now, though.

i *am* trying…

Okay, so I’m not doing so well on the ‘post-a-day’ thing. But this is still better than my previous record of posting.

What’s been happening? It’s been hot, there’ve been good friends, good food, and such. Did I mention it’s been hot?

There are times like these days (okay, I’m a wuss, it’s only 95 degrees outside and only 50 percent humidity) when it’s really nice to work at a job where there’s a nearby data center to retreat to. Constant 68 degrees and 38% humidity is a very nice thing to be able to run into — especially after being outside, it dries off the sweat in 5 to 10 minutes.

The one I visit is loud enough just from the air conditioning that one needs both earplugs and those airport worker headphone muff things, but at that point the ambient machine noise becomes a nice dull roar, and it can actually be quite pleasant.

Until, of course, one starts shivering from the cold.

We got one of those USB keyboards to hook up with GarageBand; it was fun putzing with it, but I think we need to get one of the expando packs of more instruments — most of the included instruments are wacky new-agey synth instruments which just aren’t all that fun. (On the other hand, I think I could probably create a decent techno-lounge music CD with those instruments, if I put my mind to it and had any music ability whatsoever.)

More tomorrow. (Or at this point, later today.)

what a sofa

Something about the sofa makes the dog want to lick it. Mind you, this is a dog that will come up to you and start licking you — so maybe it’s not so much a stretch. But when the dog is on the sofa with us, she’ll find a spot that seems tasty and start licking it. I don’t know why.

If I try to pull her away or otherwise dissuade her, she stretches her head and tongue out to keep licking the spot that enthralls her so. And it’s never the same spot, either — perhaps she’s in the mood for a different area of the sofa, or something. Or perhaps she feels she’s not getting enough living room furniture in her diet, and I should be grateful she’s not chewing it.

The dog also went and found the can that contained her food from the recycle bin, and took it into the living room to nurse it some before we discovered her — fortunately without any nose/mouth injuries. (This one doesn’t do dry food, it seems — or at least not the kind we’ve got.)

We do have a good dog. But sometimes she’s a puzzlement.


So, my SO, our daughter, and I have agreed to try and spend the next more or less thirty days with a post a day. We’ll see if that actually happens; but we made a promise while riding the trolley, so I will try and uphold my end of the bargain.

What’s been new lately? We have a cleaner house and yard, new gates, about 7/8ths of a slate tile floor in the back bedroom. Things are still somewhat moving on the remodel, and we adopted a rhodesian ridgeback mix (I keep wanting to say romanian razorback) tripod of a lovely dog.

I will try to blog more details on at least some of this. However, some posts may indicate how many times I blew my nose that day. Check back soon.

Mana was a beautiful dog

Here are some of my favorite recent photos of our dog.