weekend and link dump

This weekend was decent. We saw Eddie Izzard last night; he looked up and read from the Chicken entry on Wikipedia with his iPhone, and if I’d been quick at all on both the wit and phone browser, it would’ve been amusing to add something goofy for him to read out. Although according to the revision history for that page, it looks like standard procedure is to replace references to “cock” with “penis”. How droll. Other than that, the new Eddie buzzwords are: Jazz chickens, don’t piss in a toaster, and Asus, Bsus, Csus, etc. etc. Good stuff.

I got my first real hat that wasn’t a freebie — a Henschel Safari, which sort of looks like a fedora, kind of, and works amazingly well at keeping the sun out. I’m told I look good in it. So now I too have a nice hat!

So, the links. Only three tonight; The internet is still lax in performing its duty of entertaining me.

The latest podcast episodes of Wait Wait, Don’t Tell me(the NPR news quiz show) and This American Life are up now. Go listen!

link dump

It’s been a bit of a slow link week. But here’re a few decent ones. (I demand that the Internet spend more time entertaining me with pictures of kitties and amusing new juxtapositions of two previously unrelated concepts!)

Today’s podcast is BBC Radio Four’s Friday Night Comedy — the Now Show, a comedic look at the week’s news, sort of like Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me‘s panel banter in a full half-hour show.