This weekend I’ve got work to do and a haircut to get. I’ve got a scary amount of links stored up though. I’ve been digging through the archives of Kottke to find interesting things. I’ve found a few.

And with that, here’s a video that *is* safe for work, if perhaps a bit silly. Via Slate via Kottke, I give you Cooking with Vincent Price.

link dump

Today I was also tired.


I now leave you with a sample of how they made whole-meal bread in the 80s. Or so I’m told.


Not much tonight as I need to get some sleep. I tried making a 165-degree-egg per this interview with HervĂ© This; it turned out quite well, though not exactly what I was expecting. I got the jelly-like egg white part (it hadn’t hardened up like a normal hard-boiled egg), and delicately-cooked-but-hard yolk, which I wasn’t expecting. Then, I discovered that the ‘first level’ of boiled egg is 65 degrees Celsius (149-150 degrees F), not 165 degrees F. So although the eggs were good, I’ll have to try again. It was hard enough keeping the pot of water at 165 degrees — the pot was half off the burner, which was at its lowest setting — so it’ll be interesting trying to figure out how to keep the pot at a steady 150 degrees for an hour.


  • I am not typically a sports people, but we are a mild Green Bay Packers household by breeding. So J.P. Kirby’s NFL TV Distribution map (what games are playing in what parts of the country) should help us figure things out. (via Kottke)
  • Rock “ice” cubes — chill them down and use them in your drink. (via NOTCOT)
  • If you have pains from using your keyboard or mouse, fear not — you can get a bloody stump to rest your wrist on. (via Geekologie)
  • This new item from Sony looks cool — it’s kind of like a photo-frame version of a Chumby. With Wifi, ability to pull a Picasa photo album, RSS feeds, and internet radio (!?). We’ll have to see once it starts showing up in stores.
  • From sports photographer Vincent Laforet, a video showing the crazy amount of camera gear that was set up to capture the finish in the Men’s 100M final race. Holy cripes that’s a lot of cameras.

And now, for your WTF pleasure:
A man (I think)
In a banana mask
Lighting firecrackers

(via Ectomo)

links only

Today was a good day.

Now, via Tokyomango and Super Punch, I present ninjas on roller skates. (Smart car drivers, watch out!)

More tomorrow!

end of weekend link dump

Today turned out to be a get-small-stuff-around-the-house-done day as well as a Gordon Ramsay day. All I really know about him is that he gets made fun of a lot on British comedy TV and radio; but when trying to figure out how to cook a ribeye steak (it was treat day at the meat store on Saturday), I found his Ribeye-in-a-minute recipe and also his Sublime scrambled eggs recipe. I tried both; I screwed up the scrambled eggs (I always cook them too quickly) but they were still tasty. And oh my, the ribeye was good. I ended up cutting it in half to make a small round instead of a giant steak, and I’m going to try that again tomorrow night.

In terms of links:

More tomorrow!