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Today was just a day. Tomorrow I will make oreo pots-de-creme.


And some food-related yumminess. The other night, I made some fried bananas with half-assed mock devonshire cream (I didn’t have enough of the ingredients for mock devonshire cream, so I threw enough bits together so it tasted good); but these grilled chocolate banana boats look really good. (via SlashFood).

Because it’s summer, and alcohol tends to dehydrate me more than make me enjoy it, I’m probably going to try my hand at these mocktails later this week too. Ah, plans.

More tomorrow!

dumpy linky

The internet hasn’t been doing its job for a couple of days, but I think I’m back.

I took a fish class last night, and got some ideas on cooking halibut, salmon, and scallops — yum. Also found out why steak from the midwest US generally seems to taste better than what one can get in the grocery store — because apparently the cattle from the midwest wander around less on the flat grazing land, as opposed to California’s more hilly land. Or something. Actually I’m really not sure why, but I know that the steak in the surf and turf meal tasted absolutely amazing.

On to the links!

Yay for now. More tomorrow, I hope!


Today is just another day. But it is friday. Or it was, when I started this post.

Now, enjoy Agent (Carl) Sagan explaining the nature of the universe via Apple Pie to Morpheous in The Matrix:

dumpy linky

Not a lot today. I’m going to try to spend some time this weekend on another fiber channel post. JWZ seems to be my main source of entertainment this evening.

more tomorrow!

linkdump and food porn

Today I had to wake up at 5AM, so am a bit tired now. But I did make a reasonable facsimile of oreo cookie filling, which I’m trying to figure out how to use. It seems like a modified buttercream frosting; except make sure not to use too much vanilla or you ruin the oreo-style flavor.

Here’s some:
Cookie filling in a cup

Today’s linkdump is a bit small.

  • Normally I’m not one to praise Microsoft, but their research arm (which is doing a decent competitive effort towards seizing the title of the new Bell Labs in terms of software) along with the University of Washington came up with an amazing photo viewer that finds similar pictures to ones you feed it and uses them to find 3-d paths through scenery and let you fly around and view objects from all sides. It’s much more interesting in the video.
  • This person argues that Norwegian is the easiest language for an English speaker to learn — and I can see why. Easiest verb conjugation EVER.
  • So we’re pushing 10-gigabit ethernet to a single computer, and the median (not even the average!) download speed in the US is a paltry 2.3 megabits per second. The Communications Workers of America aren’t the only ones who should be outraged. And the cable companies are whining about having to supply bandwidth to people who actually *use* it!
  • Interesting Open-Mesh geared-towards-open-source wifi routers. Anything that gives you the flexibility to do what you want with a computer-type device is OK by me.

Happy things!

dump of links

Today we went back to work, I made crêpes for the first time ever, and played some Wii bowling.

Also, the wonderful world of internet entertainment picked up some again.

That’s it for now.

link dump

Today I made pound cake for the second time, from a bundt recipe. It’s apparently Elvis’s favorite pound cake — and it is quite good, but without a bundt or tube pan, I’m having trouble getting the outer portion done at the same time as the inner portion.

Having said that, it’s quite light and fluffy, and goes very well with Devonshire or Yuzu creams (or both!)

Today in the weird world:

I think it might be time to stop now. More tomorrow!

desserts and link dump

I missed a post yesterday, but I have an excuse — I was pooped. I went to a class at Extraordinary Desserts, and learned how to make a few of the things they serve there. It was lots of fun, and tonight I tried a couple of the recipes. They’re all about combining building blocks in interesting and fun ways, so two of the blocks I tried tonight were yuzu curd (like lemon curd, but with yuzu juice, so it’s got a hint of saltiness from the yuzu) and mock devonshire cream. I also tried a pound cake recipe I found, but I now understand why bundt recipes are different from not-bundt recipes. It might have turned out OK though — I’m going to bring them to work tomorrow and see how they match up with stuff.

Anyway, here are things I found:

More tomorrow!

link dump

Today at work I moved things and got OmniFocus running again, and dumped my current work life into it.

In terms of amusing and interesting things, I’ve found:

  • Although it’s in the Daily Mail, the Fox News equivalent in newspaper form in Britain, video and pictures of a falconer and white-tailed sea eagle who likes playing with a tennis ball.
  • An amusingly 70s IBM slideshow (which was probably presented on actual slides!) advertising The future is on-line!
  • This, about a doctor who built a kidney dialysis machine to serve a small child when the existing ones were too big to function properly, is really cool.
  • I am amused by this e-card site, but cannot think of anyone I might send them to.

That’s it for now. More later!