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Plans and things

I’m planning to try and write something substantial here at least once a week. Not that I’m great at it; in junior high I fantasized about writing funny yet meaningful columns for MacUser like John C. Dvorak, Guy Kawasaki, and Andy Ihnatko. I tried for a bit, but failed pretty badly for a number of reasons.

I did, however, hone some of my writing ability through (shock dismay) USEnet, IRC, and mailing lists posts. So maybe I’m a little better now.

Until then, go read some Bruno the Bandit.

what am I?

Here is some basic info about me.

(This is a bit odd-feeling for me to put up personal information, since I’ve had a few unpleasant run-ins with malicious ‘stalkers’ in the past, but here goes.)

I live in Southern California in a decent area with a couple of very nice people whom I love. I work at a job that I enjoy and am grateful to have.
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Late starter…

I suppose I’m a bit of a late starter in this whole blog thing. Others have done it before; it’s been around a long time; hell, even a presidential candidate is doing it.
I’ve been wanting a place to post/vent ideas for a while now. It would be about time that I got off my butt and set up a weblog.