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a collection of two

So here’s some stuff I’ve been thinking of and/or found over the past week. Okay, two things.

When it comes to evolution, right-wing nutjobs (I hesitate to call them Christians) think that it’s not real, and God created everything in a matter of days. However, when it comes to gays and lesbians, these same people think that being gay is a choice rather than a result of a person’s biology because there’s no way that that sort of behavior could have survived evolutionary selection. You can’t have it both ways, folks; time to rein in the stupid and actually think about your positions for a change. (I have nothing to link to for this; it’s just an opinion I’ve formulated while reading some of the stuff that people on the right spew.

The other cool thing I found was a group of people who a) build tesla coils, and b) the subgroup who modulate the frequency of the coils according to MIDI input. I’m linking to a forum thread because I don’t want to deep-link to anyone’s videos, but check out some of the videos there. The heavy-metal-guitar-like noises are actually the sound of the electricity coming from the tesla coil.

That’s kind of it for now. I’m sure other exciting things are happening, but my brain has melted in the heat, so I can’t come up with any now.

more amusing things

Okay, maybe I will turn this into a “here’s what I found on YouTube today” blog, at least for a bit. Though actually GVOD found this one first.

I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a drug reference, or what (sweet smoke?), but the music is decent, and I’m amused that everyone becomes happy and dances once they get a pie. Does it make sense? No. But it’s a fun 4-minute video.

Then there’s this, which I saw just before E3. It made the Namco booth people with their pac-man hats doubly funny.

And of course, the inimitable and always funny Pablo Francisco; we have the CD where he originally does the movie preview voice bit, but this is the first time we’ve seen it live:

That’s all for now.


Okay, I promise this won’t turn into a “here’s what I found on YouTube today” blog. But here’s what I found on YouTube today.

I found The Skeletor Show a while back; I just found it again. It’s an unemployed voice-over artist doing a really good job remixing bits of old He-Man shows. The voice-acting is certainly much better than it was in that 80s cartoon kids-can’t-tell-the-difference-between-real-acting-and-crap show.

Also, I’ve really started enjoying RocketBoom. Sort of a video blog version of Boing Boing (i.e., “here’s strange random crap people sent me”). NPR’s blog of all places introduced me to it.

wild animal park silliness

Again, I’m supposed to be doing my Japanese homework. I’ve done three questions so far (out of many, many more). But meanwhile, I went through some of the photos I took at the Wild Animal Park today, and made my first ever animated gif:

4-frame lorikeets dancing

These are a couple of lorikeets (colorful nectar-eating parrots; famous for making large liquidy sprays of poop — if you get one as a pet, invest in plexiglas and make sure you can hose down their living area) from the aviary where you can buy a cup of nectar to feed them. These two were doing either a mating thing or a territorial thing, and the picture sequence actually turned out to be rather interesting. (And in only 400k!)

(PS2 rackmount howto coming soon, I promise!)

E32006 #2

Another day, another set of pictures. One more post probably later tonight or tomorrow.
My nose has been running all morning; either something bloomed during the night and is blanketing the area, or I picked up a convention cold. Plus my legs are sore. Other than that, I’m doing OK.

I’ll start with more PS3 stuff.

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E32006 #1

Today I went to E3. We ended up taking the train, then the subway — much better than driving. I took a bunch of pix, with one minor annoyance. etc. But I guess a camera makes you look like the press to most people, so I got treated pretty deferentially by almost everyone.

dreamGear, however, gets a raspberry. They had a decent looking PSP car dock that embeds in the headrest of a car seat, like people install monitors for the back seat. I thought it was neat and moved to take a picture of it, when one of the exhibitors asked if I was with the press. I said no (possibly a bad move), and she said that they didn’t allow pictures:
• From those who weren’t the press.
• Of a device that was at E3, a media show.
• That was visible from all around the booth on the show floor.
• That the exhibitors were showing off.
So, no mention from me except the raspberry. I hope the two of you reading this don’t buy their PSP car thingy.

Everyone else was great; even when a security guard called me over and I thought I was going to get bawled out, it turns out he just wanted to tell me that I could get a much better shot from where he was standing. And he was right.

Also during shooting, realizing that I had a couple of 2GB camera cards, I ended up switching from my normal mode of JPG to RAW, to see if I could fix white balance and stuff after the fact, instead of trying to switch to keep up with whatever colors were happening at the time. Not entirely sure what to do afterwards, I imported them into iphoto like usual — which can fortunately do a good job converting from RAW to jpg. I figured I’d just edit in photoshop like usual.

Not so. I got Photoshop Elements with the camera; turns out I need the full version (CS2) to use the raw plugin. I can upgrade for $500, but that won’t happen for a few months, at least.

So here they are, Elementsed as best I could.

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sf how cool.

We spent a day in SF today. First we took caltrain, then we took BART, and got off and walked around some.

We saw a bunch of random lovely-looking restaurants, stopped in a lovely pet-supply store called Best In Show (ha ha), grabbed coffee at two different and yummy coffee houses, and generally had fun wandering around.

Then we went to the Presidio and wandered around the new Lucasfilm buildings; we saw the statue of Yoda and marveled that the creek and lagoon both had “emergency stop” buttons (photos to be posted on Flickr soon).

After that we crossed the Golden Gate, looked at the fog covering the bay, the bridge, and such, and then drove up to Battery Spencer to look back down (and be buffetted by the wind blowing the fog up from the Pacific Ocean).

Then we had an excellent dinner of Tapas and Crepes, and retired to bed.

My SO asked me to mention that she feels poopy tonight, however, and will be double-blogging tomorrow.