Things I wish were out on DVD

Every now and then I get a hankering to watch old, somewhat classic TV shows. Unfortunately, the ones I want aren’t out on DVD, because they’re not the standard pablum everyone else seems to watch.

  • Parker Lewis Can’t Lose — Clone spin-off of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off that was better than the official spin-off
  • WKRP in Cincinnati — with the original music, mind you. Depending on who you listen to, the music is either too expensive to license, or the production company is too cheap to pay for it, and they’ve substituted crap muzak that ruins some plotlines and generally makes the DVD pressing bad.
  • Almost Live! — Sketch comedy that didn’t get tromped like SNL did in the 80s
  • Night Flight — like MTV before there was MTV; goofy, offbeat, and experimental

I’m sure there’re more. I just know I’m not excited by “Chico and the Man”, “Everybody Loves Raymond” (how amazon decided I might like that, I have no idea), or “Full House”. I realize asking for something exciting, intelligent, and entertaining from TV is sort of like asking a llama to spit a fine cognac, but those shows are out there — somewhere.

2 thoughts on “Things I wish were out on DVD”

  1. Tee hee hee!!! I want to rewrite the “Goose that laid the Golden Egg” story with your llama! You make me smile!

    I agree, btw, with this current rant. I have similar feelings about music that never makes it from vinyl to CD. Bastards. Really, this is the abridgement of the arts as a whole. How dare they?

  2. Back in the stone age, meaning the early 1970s, in the pre-DVD, pre-VHS, pre-HBO days of over-the-air television and crappy cable tv service (some things never change), if you wanted to see an old movie, you either had to a) wait for it to play on The Million Dollar Movie (WOR-TV in NYC) or b) see it at the Thalia Revival House (for more on the Thalia, check out any Woody Allen film from the 1970s). If it wasn’t on tv, and it wasn’t at the Thalia, you were SOL.

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