who needs a rackmount fridge?

So I’m putzing around with web logs, and one of the search terms that brings up my site is “rackmount fridge”. Nonplussed, I do the search; apparently these things do exist.

picture of rackmount fridge
Image from & copyright Canford Audio PLC

Not sure exactly what purpose these serve; I suppose we could order one and send our facilities folks into tizzies (no food or drink in the server room, don’t you know). But I thought the extent of weird was rack mounting a playstation 2– I suppose there’s always something weirder…

3 thoughts on “who needs a rackmount fridge?”

  1. This is Actually made for Audio Racks in Theatres where you usually have a rack case side of stage h=to house AMPs and Wireless Microphones in and the fridge is just a great adition to this I own one lol

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