spring doing stuff

So despite the awful awful heat:

graph of temperature
(the blue and brown lines are in the attic; the green, red, and purple lines are more realistic) I’ve been more or less wanting to build things, improve things, etc.

Last weekend, I weeded a corner of the lawn; we’ve been talking about putting in container gardens in the front yard, with pea gravel all around them so that we could grow what we wanted (veggies!) and not have to worry about maintaining a lawn or dealing with a dirt patch.

Of course, me being me, I want to put sprinklers in the ground first. So I’ve got to dig trenches for the irrigation pipes. But of course, it being TOO HOT lately, I haven’t done any of this. There’s a half-dug trench from when I freaked out about a leak a couple of months ago, but that’s about it.

Then, of course, I’ve found a project in the “Family Handyman” project annual that seems like fun. It shows how to use a small pond liner (small as in 2-3 feet in diameter), a small pond pump, a few ceramic dishes, hardware cloth and rocks to make a decent looking fountain. (Normally I’m more of a “Fine Homebuilding” person, but this issue looked interesting enough to pick up.) So now I need to think about how best to get electrical out there as well.

I can’t let a small project be simple, you see — it has to be elaborate, complicated, and fun. Whatever the project ends up being, I’ll post something about it.

One thought on “spring doing stuff”

  1. “Normally I’m more of a “Fine Homebuilding” person, but…” Hee hee. Homeowner snobbery. :) See, and I am all for getting the $25 sprinkler from HomeDespot and watering like that, occasionally running thru it like an excited and overheated kindergardener. No?

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