eating in and not out

We’ve always been big fans of eating out, especially when the restaurant in question serves really good food. (Not pretentious food, mind you, but good food.)

We’ve also always been lucky enough that eating out several times a week has been an option for us. Unfortunately, that hasn’t left us with much money; every now and then we have to put off buying luxuries like toilet paper because we ate out too much in a week. And being able to save money would be kind of nice.

So we’re going to start trying to eat in more often. Which can actually be lots of fun, if you can do it right. My usual problem is that I’ll find a recipe that needs 18 ingredients, half of which I don’t have, so I have to go shopping, end up getting twice as much as I need, a fourth of which are specialty ingredients that only go in that one dish, and the dish isn’t so amazingly good that I have to make it repeatedly, so the remaining ingredients end up going bad and having to be thrown out.

A while ago my SO and I started another site, Out of House and Home, intending to be able to post recipes and mini-reviews of our favorite eateries there. We’ve got the eateries up; now we just need to start adding recipes.

I put up the first recipe — baked onions in cream and parmesan. It’s not something we can make every night, but I’ll see if we can’t start collecting more recipes and actually making them at home, so eating in doesn’t always have to mean “what’s frozen and nukeeable?”

2 thoughts on “eating in and not out”

  1. You can also make extras of stuff and fridge or freeze the leftovers. I don’t do this as often as I should, and with two teens I rarely have leftovers unless it’s something they don’t like, but it’s doable. I love black beans and will often make extra servings and fridge them to eat for lunch or dinner. That’s what I had for lunch today, in fact, left over from last Thursday!

  2. Yeah; I need to learn to like & dress up leftovers. We’ve tried making big batches of stuff, but usually we get tired of the food after a couple of days and the rest sits frozen in tupperware containers waiting for an archaeologist or a trash bag.

    There is a recipe we’ve made for chili that I should post that has actually been a good repeat meal; but then you can dollop sour cream and cheese and other yummy things on it to dress it up.

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