sf how cool.

We spent a day in SF today. First we took caltrain, then we took BART, and got off and walked around some.

We saw a bunch of random lovely-looking restaurants, stopped in a lovely pet-supply store called Best In Show (ha ha), grabbed coffee at two different and yummy coffee houses, and generally had fun wandering around.

Then we went to the Presidio and wandered around the new Lucasfilm buildings; we saw the statue of Yoda and marveled that the creek and lagoon both had “emergency stop” buttons (photos to be posted on Flickr soon).

After that we crossed the Golden Gate, looked at the fog covering the bay, the bridge, and such, and then drove up to Battery Spencer to look back down (and be buffetted by the wind blowing the fog up from the Pacific Ocean).

Then we had an excellent dinner of Tapas and Crepes, and retired to bed.

My SO asked me to mention that she feels poopy tonight, however, and will be double-blogging tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “sf how cool.”

  1. by the way, may I please have my 5 dollars in movie money from Sony? They could have just hired me instead of making up a fake critic. I would have given reviews that were not to be forgotten such as:

    *Kevin Bacon was electric in ‘Hollow Man,’ making my anus pucker and causing me to play that stupid game…don’t act like you don’t know the one!

    *Tha Patriot will do for Mel Gibson what Braveheart did for…Mel Gibson!

    and, my fav and best (I hope you will agree that this would get people talking)

    *The Animal…more nuts in my face than Elton John at his last rave!

    Ah, a career has escaped my grasp. Take care!

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