norcal day three?

Yesterday and today were good days.

Yesterday we went to Hakone Gardens; I took some pictures which are on flickr.

Then, we went to Phil’s Fish Market — best fresh fish restaurant in Northern California. I had a French sauteed sole with a yummy basil & tomato cream sauce thing, and oh was it tasty. We’re debating calling an “expensive eat-in dinner” when we’re feeling rich, and ordering their frozen lazy-man cioppino and having people over to help eat it (along with one or two apple pies in a bag). I also took more pictures along the way.

We drove back through Santa Cruz, and stopped off at the pier and visited the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. After finding some pressed penny machines (which it turns out are legal, as long as you don’t try to spend the pressed pennies as actual money), we headed back.

Today we went to Los Gatos and puttered around some; we visited a couple of coffee shops, had fondue for lunch, visited a Borders bookstore that was built inside an old theater where I worked some shows a looong time ago, and generally had fun.

This evening we had one of the best Japanese dinners I’ve ever had (second only to Tombo in LA) at Kamakura Japanese Restaurant — super-fresh fish and really good sushi. Then we went to see March of the Penguins — funny, sad, a nature documentary. But good.

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