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Links for tonight:

  • Easyweb is a French company that uses (bright) laser projectors to project spectacular 3D graphics and imagery on buildings, using building features in the presentations. Their six minute portfolio video is absolutely amazing; just sit back and enjoy it. Via Reddit.
  • Funny comic for today: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Via Digg.
  • Here’s a lovely concept — a cuckoo speaker (which is probably not a clock). Via gizmodo.
  • Adobe and University of Washington put together an interesting tool called Zoetrope — sort of like a visual WayBack Machine. MIT Technology Review put up a video about it, and Gizmodo did a quick writeup.
  • Sony’s released specs on their Cell-CPU-based server called Zego. Could be an interesting change from x86, especially for visual processing — and might give Cray a run for its money.

Tonight’s video: Real life Mario Kart! (via everywhere)

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