Sorry no links for a few days — this week has been nutty-busy for me. Trying to unwind a bit over the weekend, then maybe next week won’t be so bad. It’s a collection from over a few days, too, so I don’t remember where I got them all. I’ll go back to doing it nightly tomorrow or the next day though, so will give proper credit. A good chunk of these came from either Digg, Reddit, or NOTCOT or directly from the linked sources.

  • Remember the controversy when Adam Savage of Mythbusters fame said that the credit card companies quashed an episode on how RFID works and can be broken? IO9 interviews Grant Imahara, one of the other Mythbusters, and a couple of more (not as juicy as I would have hoped) tidbits of information come out.
  • OOBJECT shows you twelve interesting camera cars that were used to film parts of recent movies. The camera’s gotta go somewhere, right?
  • Vincent Laforet, the photojournalist who started blogging during the 2008 Summer Olympics, got his hands on an early Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera — Canon’s DSLR camera that can do video — and made a short film with unenhanced video from the Canon. There’s no way I could afford one of these unless the price came down (say, if they moved the decimal point over one), but it makes some really impressive video. With any luck in a year or so this stuff’ll trickle down (it may not work for the economy, but it sure does with technology) and something more affordable will come out.
  • Interesting mental math tricks to do quick operations in your head.
  • Along the same lines, how to do quick estimations using things you know.
  • Beautiful photos of the Scottish Highlands

And for today’s video, a musical road.

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