Today not so much. Just a few things I found of interest.

  • First, a somewhat simple photo setup for taking pictures of bicycles. Not that I have bicycles to take pictures of, but I’m impressed by the quality of the photos this person gets with a relatively simple setup (background paper, lights, an inexpensive camera, and a tripod). (via BoingBoing)
  • Next, Chronotron. A portal-esque flash puzzle game that involves your character looping through time and figuring out find-the-exit type puzzles by interacting with multiple versions of yourself. That explanation doesn’t do it justice, but it’s quite unique and fun at the same time. (via multiple places, but most recently JWZ, with the most appropriate title BAD GIR, NO TARDIS.)
  • Third, a set of teabags by a Turkish design firm with interesting tabs to hang out of the cup.
  • Fourth, an anamorphic portrait. (via Digg).
  • Next — has Gordon Freeman joined the team on the Large Hadron Collider? See the photo, and decide for yourself! (via Digg)
  • Visually, I like the idea of the sensory deprivation skull — unfortunately I get the feeling it would remind me too much of the toy structures at the local McDonaldLand that I played in as a kid — large, hot, echoey, and stinky. I can possibly see sitting in it bundled up watching a winter landscape. Maybe. (via NOTCOT)

Today’s video is more for the industrial design fetishist. You’ve heard of inkjet printers? This is like that, except with concrete instead of ink. And also on a larger scale. Long video, but kind of mesmerizing.

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