linkdump and food

I did some baking for a party today. My first attempt with puff pastry was horrendous; I didn’t size the dough pieces right, didn’t add the fillings in the right amounts, and didn’t put enough egg wash on to seal them. Oh well. But I think I know what I’m going to try next with puff pastry — Beef Wellington a la Gordon Ramsay. I hope it’s as easy as he makes it look; then again, it looked easy when Karen Krasne did the puff pastries at Extraordinary Desserts. I also made Elvis Pound Cake; that’s something I can at least do right. I had the mixer on high for longer than usual, and used my new bundt pan, and it turned out almost the consistency of angel food cake. Really good stuff.

Not a lot of surfing time today, so the link dump might be a bit shorter. But since yesterday, there is:

  • Via the Dark Roasted Blend end-of-week item dump, a lovely ad concept for the Madrid Metro, among other amusing items. Don’t miss the nose-shaped shampoo dispenser.
  • Well done Titan Robots performers in the UK. Impressive even if there are performers in suits; triply so if they’re actual mechanical robots; less so if they’re alien robots trying to make a living on Earth while their spaceship undergoes repair.
  • Via io9, this is a superhero sitcom I might actually watch.
  • To see from on top of the world, or at least the highest point, check out the NASA Astronomy picture of the day — the view from atop Mount Everest. (via Digg).

Not much else, except to send good thoughts towards everyone in NOLA and along the Gulf Coast in the path of Hurricane Gustav.

More tomorrow!

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