remodeling hell #1.0

So, here’s the next entry in my life of remodeling hell. I have good news, and I have bad news.

The good news is that the roof remodel finished, earlier than expected, and it looks wonderful. The roofers found lots of damaged wood, probably mostly from age, and replaced it all. They fixed the issue which caused the main roof leak initially, added a ridge vent along one portion to fix another issue, and replaced the skylights. All was a professional, wonderful job, and cost a grand total of about $15,000. (Since nobody else seems to say how much a new roof will cost, I will.)

The bad news is that I peeled away some drywall behind where we found another leak in the roof (prior to the new roof being installed) and discovered…more mold! Ugh. This is in a really inconvenient place, of course; in a wall between two rooms, one of which has the asbestos popcorn crap on the ceiling, so we’re going to have to completely empty that room as well.

See the next entry for the trials and tribulations of the back bedroom that only had asbestos on the ceiling and floor, but it looks like we won’t be able to finish the abatement work on the original mold issue (and get the rest of the mold abated as well) until we finish and can move into the back bedroom.


2 thoughts on “remodeling hell #1.0”

  1. Geezus! All I can say is that your house will be the most germ-free place in existance once you’re done :)

    Boba’s on me next time we go out!

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