Our dog is a freak

So, this is our dog:

Our dog is, in the most loving and caring way possible, a freak.

This dog has the most uncanny ability to zero in on anything that might possibly be (or have once been) food, find it, tear it apart, and try to eat it.

She has found such things as yogurt pretzels, peanut butter filled pretzels, leftover bread, bird seed & pellets, and other odd things that I can’t remember right now, taken them down from many places in the kitchen and house, and snacked upon them. Our ‘no food below this level’ line has been rising, and unfortunately it’s now higher than most countertops in the house.

The dog’s most recent gastronomical exploit was this weekend, when she found a quarter of a cheese pizza that was closed up in its box on the stove. She managed to pull down the entire box, flip it upside down, and devour the contents. We found the little white plastic thing that gets put in the center of pizzas to hold the lid up at the other end of the house, licked clean.

This was after she was kept awake all night by a slumber party of sugar-enhanced 10 year olds held at our house (reasoning: well, the house is torn up anyway, they can’t do much more to it); perhaps this was her hangover cure. “Ow my head. Pizza? OK!”

She’s a good dog. But a freak. (And she’s going to have to stay inside while the roofers do their thing all week. Eeeee….)

2 thoughts on “Our dog is a freak”

  1. Hehe, I love Mana-loop :) If only she wouldn’t try to escape my backyard :(

    Oh well, what can you say other than she wants to get out and explore?

    I wish I had her zest for life, that’s for damn sure :)

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